Fernández will leave all his positions in LaLiga before the arrival of Orlegi

LaLiga already knows the desire of Javier Fernandez to abandon all his powers in the employer’s association if, as expected, the sale of Sporting to the Orlegi Group ends up being completed. The maximum rojiblanco shareholder has transmitted the intention to resign from the vice-presidency -he is the second vice-president, being the first Miguel Angel Gil Marin-, will not opt ​​to return to form part of the Delegate Commission, which will be renewed next July, and will not continue to be part of the board of directors of LaLiga Group International, the business holding company created between the employers’ association and the CVC fund for the commercial development of Spanish football.

The departure of Javier Fernández from Sporting, which could become official next week, will also mean his absence from the management body of Javier Tebas, of which he has been a close collaborator in recent years. The departure of the man from Gijón will entail the loss of the club’s representation in LaLiga. At least, through the figure of him, very close to that of the president, Javier Tebas, with whom he has maintained a close relationship. As a result of this harmony, Javier Fernández was gaining relevance in the body, being the president in charge of giving voice to the concerns of the Second Division clubs in recent years. Fernández agreed to the vice presidency of LaLiga in 2020.

Halfway, or just started, are Sporting’s plans linked to the CVC fund, one of the most important movements in recent years around Spanish professional football, and with which the employers have the objective of ensuring that the competition gives a leap both at all levels. On the horizon, getting the 42 Spanish football clubs to share 1,000 million euros more in fifteen years compared to the fact that the alliance with CVC did not arise, contested by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

In the case of the rojiblanco team, it has several projects underway. The vast majority were already in the works long before the agreement with the investment fund was approved and will become one of the legacies taken by the Orlegi Group, an expert in the start-up and operation of several of them. This is the case of the operation of a restaurant in El Molinón, projected on the north corner with the Tribunona, and developed exclusively by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. Another of the great challenges for the future is the expansion of Mareo, once the club closed the purchase of the “La Marruca” estate in recent months.

In that, in the adaptation and realization of infrastructures related to sports, the Mexicans also arrive with the example of the sports city that Atlas, one of the two clubs they own, will soon debut. The other is Santos Laguna, which they also entered to later modernize their stadium, called Estadio Corona, in relation to the Mexican beer firm that sponsors it.

Orlegi has one of its business branches linked to construction. It is called Gio (Grupo Inmobiliario Orlegi), with investments in different parts of Mexico, some of them related to the fitting out of shopping centers. As for its possible movements, beyond sports, Ana González, mayor of Gijón, was already blunt a few days ago insisting that the existing agreements with Sporting will be reviewed if there is a change of ownership, but that in no case will They will contemplate movements that may entail some type of real estate speculation.

It should be remembered that Sporting makes use of El Molinón through a concession that will expire in 2046 and that it trains in Mareo, where it remains on a rental basis while the talks are advanced to find the formula to execute the repurchase option that the entity has. red and white on the land, owned by the municipality.


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