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To tell the truth, my heart longed for Anadolu Efes to become the champion. Was it possible not to think that he would win the final with the support of the fans in the hall? The awesome basketball armada that brought Europe to its knees.

From the first minute, the tired and debilitated images of Anadolu Efes players caught my attention. The European conqueror of the last two seasons, whom I think is the best number 1 and 2 holder in Europe, gave up completely in the face of Fenerbahce’s excellent defense and ‘I will take the championship’ belief and vigor. At a time when the score was 50-53, the weak support reflected from the stands caught my attention! Gokhan German: ‘The team is tired, the fans are more tired!’ I said. Then Fenerbahce took the game and went, of course, the championship. Of course, this result was not one of my first frustrations and disappointments against the Yellow Canaries!

I can’t tell exactly if it’s 79 or 80, just in time. There is another Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe basketball derby. Still leading 66-65 after two fouls with 1 second left! Yıldıray threw the ball, Forti Murat threw a fake and the ball went out without touching anyone. Of course, that 1 second did not pass when no one touched it. So the ball went to Fenerbahçe. The game started from the midfield and as soon as Engin Domaniç got the ball, I’d say ‘half field’, you call it ‘full field’. The result is FB 67-66 GS and within a second! I got hurt, just like every Galatasaray fan who knows about the vengeance! Then, when I witnessed the joy of my friend Domaniç Engin from Haydarpaşa High School, I was consoled and partially recovered. I’ve lived, our basketball players from Mincinöz, of course, the entire Galatasaray community has disintegrated badly!

I consoled myself after the loss of Ephesus. Because Domaniç is experiencing a serious health problem and a period of treatment, may our Lord grant him healing and health. This happiness and trophy will be good for my brother Domaniç, it will act as a medicine. First of all, Prozac was injected into my soul for the sake of Allah!

I called Domaniç yesterday because he was in treatment during the week. I got the good news that the process is going well. ‘Fenerbahçe’s cup was also healing, right?’ When I said, ‘I have no taste, our Sadun was buried on Friday,’ he said. Our naive friend, a Haydarpaşa high school student, a former Fenerbahçe basketball player, walked to Hakk as a result of a heart attack. And the saddest part was that he was waiting for the appointment day, which was given a month after the hospital.

Let’s get to the point; A moment of silence was not held in the competitions for the son of Kadıköy and the sportsman from Fenerbahce. In TBF, there must be a method and a cure for the health problems of old athletes. Hidayet brother; The earring in your ear is very beautiful, but Sadun’s pursuit of healing should be for your generation first, and then the loss of life!

Heaven and mercy to Fenerbahçe’s Sadun Sıral, health and well-being to Engin Domaniç.

Congratulations to the Fenerbahce basketball community for the marvelous championship.



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