FDCh is intervened. – Newspaper La Prensa Riobamba

Official, Chimborazo Sports Federation was intervened by the Ministry of Sports for being acephalous with respect to its legal representative. FDCh is intervened..

Controller. The Ministry of Sports appointed Carlos Fernando Lara Tapia as controller of the Chimborazo Provincial Sports Federation to ensure the normal performance of sports, physical education and recreation, in order to restore optimal conditions for the normal functioning of the sports organization.

The inspector is not yet in attendance, Diario La Prensa verified this detail and it was known that he would arrive in the next few days, because due to the national strike, the official would not be able to reach the city of Riobamba.

This State Portfolio grants a period of ninety (90) days, so that the intervenor corrects the cause that motivated the intervention, in accordance with the provisions of the Sports Law.

It is worth mentioning that the controller, as determined by the resolutions of the Ministry of Sports, will have the same functions and powers as the president and the legal representative of the FDCh, while in office. “By such virtue, the following are established as functions and powers of the intervener:

1. Ensure compliance with the legal, regulatory and statutory standards, by the management, administration, technical, disciplinary and sports bodies;
2. Appoint an administrator for the Sports Organization if necessary;
3. Summon General Assemblies and direct them;
4. Issue reports and take the necessary measures in a timely manner regarding irregularities in the operation of the organization for their correction and respective sanction;
5. Monitor and ensure that the institution’s funds are used in accordance with the respective budgets and the institution’s annual planning;
6. Admit or deny the affiliation of Sports Organizations and athletes to the Federation, subject to the applicable regulations for this purpose;
7. Collaborate with government entities that carry out inspection and surveillance and present the requested reports;
8. Ensure that accounting is carried out correctly with the application of general regulations…



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