FC Bayern sign Sadio Mané – pros and cons: is the Liverpool star the right transfer at the right time?

PRO: Yes, because there is no wrong time for such a transfer

von SPORTBUZZER editor Fynn Engelbrecht-Greve


Sadio Mané is not a replacement for Robert Lewandowski? Is correct! At the age of 30, Sadio Mané is not a player for long-term planning? Also true! And it doesn’t even have to be both. Why does he have to FC Bayern Because only get players around whom you can build a team over a decade? At the age of 30, Mané still has a few years at the highest level ahead of him – and more importantly: he helps immediately. Because he upgrades the squad right away, coach Julian Nagelsmann offers new options in every offensive position and brings with him a quality that some Munich professionals seem to have lost in the past season: he knows how to win big titles and he has to be a Champions-League-Winner, Premier-League-Champion and Africa champions don’t have to prove anything to any of his new teammates.

With the transfer, the club is also closing construction sites, some of which are not really there yet. Because the hanging game about Serge Gnabry’s contract extension suddenly loses a bit of its importance. If the national player does not want to extend and leaves by 2023 at the latest, the replacement is already there. It is also a sign to Gnabry that FC Bayern does not have to and will not go to the limit in the negotiations. Should Lewandowski still go, a club that has previously signed a player like Mané as a strike partner is also much more attractive for possible successor candidates. And Leroy Sané, who always oscillates between phlegm and world class, now knows that he has to get consistency in his performances now at the latest if he doesn’t just want to watch Mané, Kingsley Coman, Jamal Musiala and Thomas Müller produce goals.

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Because one thing is certain: Mané guarantees goals. He has scored in double figures every season in the Premier League since moving to the island in 2014. Its market value is loud at 70 million euros. He has not slipped below this mark for four years. At its peak, it was even valued at 150 million euros (December 2019). FC Bayern pays just around 40 million euros (including bonuses) for such a player and does not get an old star in the last years of his career, but an established world star in the prime of footballer age. Other clubs paid well over 100 million euros for highly praised followers (at least in the past season) like Jack Grealish or Romelu Lukaku. In contrast, the Mané commitment seems almost like a no-risk deal, and there’s never a bad time for such transfers.

CONTRA: No, because Mané does not embody Bayern’s future

von SPORTBUZZER chief reporter Tobias Manzke

For the Bundesliga Viewed soberly, the transfer of Premier League star Sadio Mané is perfect: a superstar comes from the English Starliga to Germany in the Bundesliga and not the other way around. It’s good. And the commitment of the 30-year-old Senegalese is also for Bayern Munich FC Liverpool a statement that underscores the importance of the club on the international football scene. For the record champions, however, it is a transfer at the wrong time.

Mané embodies world class, without question. However, in a system designed by successful architect Jürgen Klopp in Liverpool in such a way that it perfectly brings out Mané’s strengths alongside Mo Salah: unconditional fast-paced football and aggressive pressing. The current FC Bayern is a long way from that. Then there is the question: Where does FC Bayern need Mané? If Robert Lewandowski leaves, he could also play in the center of the attack, but he doesn’t have the qualities of a Lewandowski there. He lacks the physicality and his speed would fizzle out there. Only if Lewandowski stays would he be the ideal addition.

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FC Bayern was reportedly on the gas pedal early on with Mané, but the question remains why no other club got involved in courting Star, as is so often the case when a top player is willing to change. Mané has no known injury problems, but at the age of 30 there may not be a big performance explosion anymore. With him, Munich must win the title in the premier class in the next year or two, otherwise the national player will no longer make the difference: Mané is not a perspective transfer, such as 20-year-old Ryan Gravenberch, who from ajax Amsterdam came. That’s why Mané has to deliver immediately – whether he can do it in a new environment, new teammates, new coach, new league is questionable despite the outstanding quality.



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