FC Bayern Munich: Sadio Mané – The secret behind the unusual outfit – Bundesliga

The Bundesliga has a new superstar! And he brings a very special style to Germany.

Tuesday, 11:21 a.m .: Sadio Mané (30) lands at Munich Airport with a Cessna 680A from Mallorca. At 11:28 a.m., he and four companions (including consultant Björn Bezemer) get off the private jet and step onto the tarmac in front of the VIP terminal.

The eye-catcher: Mané’s outfit! The forward wears a dark blue thigh-length top with matching pants and loafers underneath. The top has a closed round collar and pleats worked into the chest.

The clothing is a traditional outfit from Mané’s homeland, the so-called Senegalese caftan. The Superstar wears a modern twist on the centuries-old robe (originally reaching to the ankle) in the form of a suit. Today, in all West African countries, the combination with trousers is a formal attire that is worn on all festive occasions.

The folds on the chest should also remind of the Dashiki. This is a colorful, wide shirt that covers half the body and is also mostly worn in West Africa. In Europe and the USA, many countries therefore also sell the outfit under the name “dashiki pant set” (“dashiki pants combo”).

What’s next for Mané?

At 12.13 p.m. he arrived at the “Barmherziger Brüder” hospital northwest of central Munich, where Bayern’s team internist Prof Dr. Roland Schmidt examined the heart and lung functions of the Senegalese. After that, the second part of the medical check-up on Säbener Straße is due. On Wednesday afternoon, Mané will be presented pompously in the Allianz Arena.

Bayern brings the ex-Klopp striker from Liverpool for 32 million euros plus a maximum of 9 million euros in bonus payments. The Senegalese is expected to sign a contract until 2025.



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