Father Calls Rizal ‘Bobotoh Tasik’ Stripped during Chaos at GBLA Stadium


A young man from Tasikmalaya, Rizal Taofiq (18), became the victim of a mob riot during the Persib vs Persebaya match at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium, Bandung City. Bobotoh (as Persib supporter) from Tasikmalaya City was attacked by the masses after being shouted at by motorcycle thieves.

Rizal was reported missing because he did not return home after watching the Persib vs Persebaya match at GBLA on Friday (17/6). Rizal returned to his home in Tasikmalaya on Saturday (18/6) wearing only underpants and a jacket.

arrived The lake only wears a drawstring and a jacket, because already stripped naked not bugged (beaten) it, kang. That’s also when I asked about the jacket got Where did it come from, my son said someone gave it to mothers on the street,” said Soni, as quoted detikJabarSunday (19/6/2022).

Soni revealed the condition of his son when he arrived in Tasikmalaya. Rizal’s condition was battered due to the tantrum of the crowd at the GBLA Stadium.

“His face is bruised, bro, it’s blue and blue bugged like that. last night already be treated, already cool,” he explained.

Rizal’s condition is now starting to improve. Soni also hopes that the police will investigate the perpetrators who ganged up on his son.

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