Fans were looking for LaMelo Ball and find an unknown Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is not a character that is easily seen by fanshe can regularly be seen at Charlotte Hornets games or supporting his team in Nascar and although most of the time he is usually friendly with his fans, Approaching him is mission impossible.

That was experienced by some fans who were waiting in a parking lot trying to surprise LaMelo Ball, star of the Hornets, but in the end they ended up meeting Michael Jordan himself.

The meeting was brief, but it did not end in the best way, although the video lasts only a few seconds, Jordan is heard asking them to lower the camera, while the fans do not finish reacting and they don’t know whether to ask him for a photo, ask him about LaMelo or keep shouting Michael Jordan’s name.

Al final, they left without the long-awaited photo and Michael Jordan’s reaction generated a lot of criticism calling him a rude attitude towards his fans.

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