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Fengchi Live, June 2nd. Regarding Stephen Curry’s historical status, various experts and media are still talking about it. After the Warriors returned to the finals this year, many people have already said that Curry is enough to be called a historical leader. Ten superstars.

But ESPN’s Stephen A-Smith’s assertion is even more surprising. He believes that Curry is far better than Jordan. Jordan makes basketball worse, but Curry promotes the healthy development of the game.

Smith said: “I’m not attacking and smearing Jordan, he is of course the greatest player, but his greatness and talent have made the NBA begin to promote individualism, the audience has begun to chase individualism, and the game has become an arena of individualism. “Everyone wants to be Mike, but before Mike, the NBA had Bird and Magic.”

Smith believes that before Jordan ruled the NBA, the NBA advocated team spirit, but after Jordan, several generations of stars, especially Kobe and Carter, all advocated hero ball, which is contrary to the essence of basketball. In fact, the old bulls won the championship relying on the team, and Jordan of course also has team spirit, but the marketing of individual heroism by the entire NBA business machine has indeed changed the game.

Until the rise of Curry and the Warriors, they combined the signatures of many phenomenal teams in the past, but in the final analysis, it is still based on the system. The reason why the Warriors play well is mainly because they emphasize teamwork, which is also what Smith admires Curry. reason.

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