Everything positive left by Uruguay’s win: from Pellistri’s imbalance to Vecino’s great match – Ovation – 06/03/2022

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Uruguay thrashed Mexico this morning 3-0 thanks to the goals scored by Matthias Neighbor (34′) and twice for Edinson Cavani (46’ y 53’).

In this opportunity, diego alonso He placed a 4-1-4-1 with Lucas Torreira as a stopper midfielder, Federico Valverde and Vecino a few meters ahead and Cavani as nine.

One of the most positive things of the game for Celeste was the confidence they showed again Facundo Pellistriwho was encouraged to play several heads-up with the side, taking advantage of those decisions.

In one of them, he generated the corner kick with which Uruguay’s first goal came. Valverde put it on Cavani’s head, goalkeeper Talavera prevented the fall of his bow in the first instance, but on the rebound, Vecino sent it to save, arriving a moment before José María Giménez. Another of the plays he made was at 18 seconds into the complement, when they even wanted to stop him with a foul, but he continued, Vecino let it pass and the Matador’s first goal appeared, finishing to place from the penalty spot.

Another of the positive things that Celeste showed was the performance of Torreira, who has just had a great season at Fiorentina and it is possible that he will change teams in the Old Continent. Vecino’s performance and positioning on the pitch was also optimal, a player who had a few minutes at Inter in 2022. He not only scored the first goal, but also had a previous shot that Mexico managed to get. It is likely that with everyone available, it will be Rodrigo Bentancur who will play in that position, but what is clear is that he was one of the main figures that Uruguay had, constantly treading the area, scoring and being precise in his interventions.

Valverde, who came to this game as European champion with Real Madrid, is showing the confidence that he carries since he finished off the goal on a couple of occasions; in one of those shots, the ball hit the post in the first half, in what was the first risky move by Diego Alonso’s team. He, too, had his usual full-court display.

To take into account that Uruguay lost a couple of balls on the way out that triggered Mexico’s approaches, which were poorly finished.

The first minutes of the second half were the best of Uruguay, due to the intensity that it managed to capture and for Cavani’s goals, who made the second of his personal account after a play by Damián Suárez on the right, the sector of the field that Celeste knew how to take advantage of the most. These Matador goals come in handy after an irregular season, where some injuries had him mistreating.

Uruguay He left his goal clean again (one goal against in five games since the arrival of the Tornado), thrashed a level opponent and showed that he is still growing and with the motivation and confidence that took him to the World Cup.



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