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Everyone in the national team wants to score goals and be the best, but the games so far have shown that the Latvian national team is playing as a team, Gutkovskis told the Latvian Television “Sports Studio”. Several players are opening in the national team, and this is necessary for success, but the spirit of the team is also important, and the head coach of the national team Dainis Kazakevičs has done a good job there, said the 27-year-old Gutkovskis.

The coach talks a lot with both Gutkowski and Robert Uldrik, who is also one of the leaders in the national team attack. Gutkovskis explained that Uldriķis would not be happy with the pitch.

Gutkovskis, who was named the best football player in Latvia last year, is an important player both in duel and at the end of the attack.

At the club level, he has been productive since 2014 – at the beginning of “Skonto”, where he scored 28 goals in the season, later also in the Polish championship. At the club level last season, Vladislav’s 13 goals helped Rakow win the Polish Cup and become the league’s vice-champions.

After the season, Vladislav’s first job was to visit the closest people and talk about football with his biggest fan – his grandmother. She and her granddaughter can talk competently about football, as she always follows all the games and studio reviews, as well as news on the Internet.

In the last two games, Vladislav has scored four goals, but at the beginning of his career, the national team had 22 games.

Gutkovsky really has no explanation for this – he admits that there was anxiety or excessive will to blame. Vladislav is very happy with his current performance and is ready to solve certain tasks in each game.

Gutkovskis named standard situations as one of the strengths of the Latvian national team, because their good implementation can ensure the victory of the team in the game. Therefore, the standard situations in the national team are paid a lot of attention in training, so that every opportunity in the game becomes an opponent of threats.

However, Vladislav called the dedication of the pitch in each episode of the fight to be the only way to leave the pitch once for the last fight.

and always play with the heart without thinking of anything else. He loves football, which has given everything that has been achieved now. Gutkowski allows the possibility that if he continues to work hard, he could enter a club at a higher level. Whether Gutkowski will still play in Poland under the Rakow deal last year, the attacker refrains from saying it will be seen over time.

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