European talent loses steam in the NBA Draft

The NBA has never been a more international league, but on the night of the 2022 Draft talent from European leagues was left out of the Top 25 for the first time in more than 25 years. The last time a player from the old continent did not enter the American league in the first round of the event was in 1997, when Marko Milic, Former of the Phoenix Suns and Real Madrid, he was chosen in the 33rd position of that edition by the Philadelphia 76ers.

This year, the first talent trained in Europe that has come to the fore has been Nikola Jovica 19-year-old Serbian player born in England who comes from the Mega Basket academy, the same team that discovered Nikola Jokic, reigning MVP of the competition for the second consecutive season. The young talent was chosen by the Miami Heat in the 27th position in the first round.

If we look at the Endesa League, three players were chosen in the 2022 Draft: Khalifa Diop (39, Cleveland Cavaliers); Matteo Spanish (50, Minnesota Timberwolves) y Yannick Nzosa (54, Washington Wizards).

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