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Spal, Maistro will be the first shot in midfield. For La Mantia it is still early

There is just over a week left for the start of the summer transfer market, but ds Fabio Lupo has been working for a few weeks now …

The Panathlon Awards celebrate sport and study again this year

A great success the 2022 edition of the Panathlon Awards “Excellent Athlete, Excellent”, held on June 8 at the Archibugio of Ferrara

The “Coppa Italia” of the historical arch at the Massari park

The Compagnia Arcieri e Balestrieri Filippo degli Ariosti asd of Ferrara on June 26th organizes the “Italian Cup of Historical Archery …

Vigarano basketball, Francesca De Rosa confirmed in red and white

Pallacanestro Vigarano announces that it has confirmed Francesca De Rosa at the court of coach Massimo Borghi

This is why we become racist …

If we don’t travel and stay glued to our village to tell it to us, I know it will be like this forever. How do you know I work …

When Minister Bianchi embodies a Woody Allen sketch

What else is needed for Bianchi to resign and find a job more suited to his skills?

Pasini’s poems (last part)

Dearest lovers of the vernacular poetry of Ferrara. Here is the epilogue of the exceptional document: with related texts of the poems recorded live, by the great Bruno …

“The absence of controls on discharges and water quality is dramatic”

From 2016 to today, all these efforts have been of no use, the drain continued to throw up oily sewage and …

The Boston Celtics, Heraclitus and David Foster Wallace: how basketball can teach us to live and to philosophize

Premise: this is not an article on the NBA Finals: do not expect predictions on how it will turn out (incidentally: while I’m …

The infamous fake news about yet another massacre in a US school

What circulates about the Uvalde massacre in the conspiracy sewers

Pasini’s poems (second part)

Dear friends of Ferrara and its poets. Here is the second part (of three), of the extraordinary document in which the great …

Luciano Soressi, a marvel for many football generations

Luciano Soressi, what a marvel he has been for so many football generations. Coach, one of those who leave an imprint on life

Only one future for the chemical center of Ferrara

With the closure of the Porto Marghera cracking facility, the Ferrara petrochemical plant faces the abyss

Cna makes a network for tourism: here is Ferrara tour guide

Ferrara tour guide is born, the new network of tourist guides, environmental guides and tour leaders who refer to Cna turismo …

Nicola Ghedini at Uno morning to defend table football and ping pong

Nicola Ghedini, president of Cna Balneari Ferrara, will be a live guest of Uno Mattina Estate, this morning, Thursday 23 June at …

The Copparo Community Hospital reopens in a new guise after the redevelopment works

The Copparo Community Hospital (Osco) reopens with a completely new face, more comfortable for patients and operators, improving the healthcare offer …

Family and community nurse: it’s Portomaggiore’s turn

It is the turn of Portomaggiore for the family and community nurse (Ifec). Yesterday, Tuesday 21 June, the service started …



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