Esteban kindly waited for Alons, says Szafnauer. He also outlined the cause of the problems with PJ –

“Good points, but I think it could have been a little better without safety cars,” said Otmar Szafnauer of the Canadian Grand Prix. “The pace of the car in the wet was good. On the dry track, we thought we wouldn’t be as fast as Ferrari and Red Bull, but we’d be about as fast as Mercedes. “

“As it turned out, Mercedes got us because of certain circumstances. But we will not beat them in the overall championship standings, we must be realistic, we will not finish third. Compared to those we are fighting for fourth place, we have gained a lot of points, so I am satisfied. “

Asked about the problems with the propulsion unit, Alonsa Szafnauer replied: “We had a bit of a problem with Fernando’s car, so he ended up behind Esteban. We don’t know what it was yet, but it looks like air leaked somewhere. But I don’t know where from. “

“It was due to the higher temperatures, so we were limited on the straights. Thank God it wasn’t big enough for us to resign. “

After the race, Alonso complained that the team’s problems always affected his car, but Szafnauer downplayed his fears.

“I’m not sure it always happens to him,” Szafnauer said. “I am sure he feels that way. But I’m not sure that’s the case. “

In the final laps, Alonso wanted to get ahead of Ocon and claimed to have been “a hundred times faster” over the weekend.

Szafnauer said it was not difficult for the team to decide that the riders should hold the position.

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“We were fifth and sixth, weren’t we? So what do you want to do, let them race, or change them to be fifth and sixth again? I’m in favor of letting him race, but you must not forget that Fernando had a problem with the propulsion unit, he had an escape that caused him not to have speed on the plane. And Esteban kindly waited for him so we could have a DRS train, which was a good thing. “



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