Espanyol’s umpteenth remedy to stop the desertion in Cornellà-El Prat

BarcelonaEspanyol has been looking for ways to turn around the dropout that the Cornellà-El Prat stands are experiencing almost since its inauguration in 2009. The white-and-blue club has presented this Wednesday the season ticket campaign for the 2022- 23, with three main axes: the focus on attracting children, the freezing of prices compared to 2019 (between 300 and 1,300 euros) and the allocation of 5% of the membership card to social causes children.

“What do you think when you see a child on the street wearing the Espanyol shirt?” has been the motto chosen for the new spot, which seeks to appeal to the parakeet feeling of the youngest by reminding them of the values ​​that the club represents: “Someone proud to be as he is, brave, who learns to live with the real possibility of defeat, of enduring one who believes himself more and better, who values ​​the little joys of life, and learns to resist, to compete, to have courage, and to endure pain, disappointment, or mockery; the one who learns that not everyone is the same, the one who understands that playing is much more important than winning or losing: the one who learns to be different ”.

Average attendance and points as a local at RCDE Stadium

Data on league matches, with two games to go in the last season

“I think it’s right for the club to try to build a future, we need to get the white-and-blue feeling reflected in young people,” said renowned publicist Toni Segarra, who for the second year in a row has collaborated with other experts in advertising as César García, José María Piera and Gustavo Martínez to create the spot. Bringing more children together in the stadium is one of the great challenges of the club. The Spanish-speaking organization wants to make an investment in the future to retain the youngest.

In order to capture their attention, Espanyol now offers the possibility for a member or child subscriber to get a free season ticket for any other child aged 15 or under, who will only have to pay the cost of being members (45 euros). In other words, with the price of a child subscriber card, another child subscriber can be generated free of charge. In addition, at the end of the season the club will reward the attendance of those subscribers up to 15 years old who have gone to all matches with a gift voucher of 50 euros to consume in the club’s stores, in addition to an invitation to a private event.

This campaign comes a few weeks after Cornellà-El Prat recorded the worst average attendance since its inauguration: the 2021-22 season closed with a total of 17,351 spectators, if we take into account the 19 league matches as a local, a figure that rises slightly to 17,709 if we consider only the 15 matches where there were no capacity restrictions for the covid. Either of those two figures is lower than the season with fewer spectators at the stadium, 2017-18, when RCDE Stadium had 17,847 spectators per game.



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