End of season for the Judo Club Saint Rémy

In order to close the sports season in style, the San Rémois Judokas have taken over the gymnasium in order to be more comfortable for the demonstrations offered to parents.

Thus in front of the spectators placed in the stands, the young Judokas were thus able to show the progress acquired in contact with their teacher Stéphane PLASSARD. At the end of the demonstrations, the children were thus able to benefit from rewards handed over by Florence PLISSONNIER, mayor of the commune, accompanied by Mr. Vincent, deputy for associative and sports life. A more special reward was made to Assia SAFI, who was crowned champion of Burgundy as the youngest and recently crowned at the Saône et Loire Games.

This final moment of the season was also dedicated to the presentation of Frédéric MAZUE who will become the Club’s new teacher next September. Indeed, busy with his work, his volunteer activities and his family life, Stéphane leaves the torch to Frédéric to develop Judo a little more in St Rémy.

Next season will see some adjustments to the courses for the reception of children wishing to flourish in contact with this educational sport.

The members of the Judo Club have finally invited everyone to a drink of friendship in order to end this end of the season under the sign of conviviality.

The Judo Club will be present on Monday, August 8 on the animation “the place in the summer” to offer you an outdoor initiation. For any information, you can contact the new teacher at and he will be happy to answer your questions.



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