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Eauze was called Elusa in antiquity, and it had the rank of regional capital. Today, the vestiges of this greatness constitute one of the major assets of the city, and it is Elusa Ancient Capital which animates this heritage.

Don’t miss the roman festival, one of the great events of the summer, Saturday and Sunday 23 to 24 July. Gladiators and legionnaires, craftsmen’s village, comic show, theatrical visit, antique workshops… Something to entertain the whole family!

Saturday and Sundaywith the LEG VI Ferrata, legionnaires from Arles passing through Elusa, discover their camp and the military manoeuvres. With small legionnaire workshops: archery, chain mail… Come and cheer on the gladiators who will fight for glory in the verdant arena. You can also visit the village of craftsmen. Ceramics, mosaics, tanning, refined fabrics… Immerse yourself in the world of ancient craftsmanship. Craftsmen will tell you all about it. Of the workshops are offered to visitors, such as the “Clay doll” workshop, “Roman graffiti” and “Oil lamps”, or even “Domus model and manufacture of small objects”, schola workshop and scriptorium (writing on wax tablets ), and even Roman fashion.

As we are in the land of wine, a special workshop will teach you all the secrets of vin gallo-romain, with the Château de Millet and the Floc de Gascogne, which also offers tastings of Roman drinks… and contemporary wines! Of the Culinary Talks will take the public on a journey through the kitchens of ancient Elusa, with a tasting as a bonus. The roman music, his instruments, his scores, will also be part of the party. And if you’re in a playful mood, you can try your luck with traditional games from Antiquity! Don’t miss the large Playmobil Roman Camp game board

Le sunday, theater with Cie Acta which presents “Contubernium: a pure comedy!” or the story of 5 soldiers at the heart of the battle that will change the destiny of the Roman world. See also: “Stop your tank Antoninius!” By Novempopulana and ECLA d’Eauze, a costumed and comic fresco in the heart of the Domus!

Everything takes place in the Domus d’Eauze, Allée Julien Laudet. Continuous entertainment from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. 1 day pass : Adult: 9 €, 6-18 years old: 5 €, free under 6 years old. 2 day pass : Adult: €14, 6-18 years old: €7, free for children under 6

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