Elan Béarnais/Pierre Seillant: “it hurts the heart, hurts the guts…”

At the end of the line, the voice of Pierre Seillant is not as assured as usual. The President is still in shock from the press release he has just read. “It’s a huge waste,” he slips before delivering, without filter, his emotions.

“That’s what was feared. After the arrival of the so-called Otto, we small shareholders were convinced of what was going to happen. It seemed inevitable, it’s complete blur, not to say chaos. There is still a week of grace, of course, but I do not see how what could be done before can be done now. There’s a lot of money out there!


I’m back, but it’s still my club, it’s very bad news that really hurts my heart. And that is also the case, I think, of all the people who love the Elan. Me, it’s a big part of my life, half a century just as a leader so yes, it hurts my heart, hurts my guts. Morally, sportingly, it is catastrophic.

I don’t know what will happen now. Either they pay, which I highly doubt, or the agglomeration takes over with other investors? And again, I don’t know if it’s possible…

There, I am under the blow of the news. It is the history of the club that is affected, my story too and that of all those who followed because many of us have made this club.

What is happening today has happened in the past to Asvel, Limoges, Antibes, which have been able to recover. This club does not deserve to be completely abandoned…

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The rest, I haven’t thought about it yet, I’m a little in shock. It’s not even a supervised payroll, it’s the refusal to hire and nothing else! Some people will smile, but I guarantee you that I won’t smile. And many must think like me. It hurts. »



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