El Cebé will set “very popular” prices to attract a thousand subscribers in summer

Crowded stands at the Palacio de Deportes, during the last game of Cebé Cartagena. / ANTONIO GIL / AGM

Basketball (LEB Silver)

The card will be below 50 euros; the entity fights to retain Kimbrough, Aguilar and Samu Rodríguez, who await Gold offers

Ruben Serrano

The Cebé Cartagena is finalizing the launch of its next subscription campaign, scheduled for this week with “very popular” prices below 50 euros and which will be among the cheapest in the entire LEB Plata category. The objective of the directive, headed by David Ayala, is to reach at least a thousand supporters during the summer. The campaign will be separate from the one published by the Efesé soccer team, a club to which basketball belongs within the albinogras sports sections.

The basketball team does not want to delay the campaign beyond this week, unless unforeseen, to capture part of the social mass that filled the Palacio de Deportes in the promotion phase to LEB Oro. Around three thousand people attended the event against Navarra, on April 24, which left Gustavo Aranzana’s men out of the playoff for very little.

The next season in LEB Plata is scheduled to start on Saturday, October 8. There is a long time ahead and Cebé, therefore, does not want to extend his first movements too much and that this affects the interest that the project has aroused in his return to professional basketball. Reaching at least a thousand supporters is the goal set by the club.

This month you have to pay about 17,500 euros for registration in the LEB Plata, which will start on Saturday, October 8

To do this, the sports management and the coach, Aranzana, have been working for weeks on planning a squad that is attractive, powerful and can once again fight for promotion to Gold. This competition is still going on and that is what it has in Pause the future of Kimbrough, Víctor Aguilar and Samu Rodríguez, three pillars in the Cebé that will rush the market in search of offers in a higher category. El Cebé does not renounce them, although it is difficult, and tracks the national and international market.

In fact, sports director Pepe García is expected to appear at the season ticket press conference to give more details of the sports project. At the moment, the club does not stop and has until the end of June to make its registration effective, next season, in LEB Plata. The cost is about 17,500 euros. El Cebé, under the umbrella of Efesé, also has strong support from public administrations, such as the subsidy from the City Council and the injection provided by the Autonomous Community through the Costa Cálida tourist brand. There are also small sponsors that help sustain the project.

The club had advanced to take the place in Gold if the Valencia subsidiary went up

FC Cartagena CB had negotiations with Valencia Basket well underway to take the place of its subsidiary in LEB Oro, the second category of Spanish basketball. The negotiations were done and the economic scenario had already been drawn and even the possibility of obtaining the transfer of some players. The Valencia subsidiary gave priority to continuing in Silver, since it is an ideal category to project talents who are completing their first year as a senior or are still young. But they were eliminated against Albacete, in the final for promotion.


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