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The change from Mario Götze (30) to Eintracht Frankfurt is fixed, the world champion returns to the Bundesliga.

Now the question arises: Does Götze show the Bundesliga again? The SPORT BILD reporters Axel Hesse (Pro) and Christian Kynast (Contra) discuss.

Pro: Frankfurt is the perfect place for Götze

Eintracht Frankfurt and Mario Götze – that fits 100 percent. With the Europa League winner, the world champion finds the right environment to play big again in the Bundesliga.

Coach Oliver Glasner will give him the necessary freedom on the pitch so that Götze can shine like he did at the beginning of his career in Dortmund and most recently in Eindhoven. Clever, fast, tricky, creative.

Frankfurt will love him for it and forgive him weak phases. The city is so open, international and self-confident that there is no particular pressure on Götze. He can just play football and also go out with the family relatively undisturbed. The people of Frankfurt take it for granted that stars are attracted to them.

This normality will receive Götze’s lightness. Besides health, he only needs that to be among the best in the league again.


World Cup hero back in the Bundesliga
Here Götze signs with Eintracht

Source: BILD/Sportdigital

Cons: Pressure and expectations are too high

Ever since Mario Götze made his Bundesliga debut for BVB in 2009 at the age of 17, he has always been my favorite player. I’ve never seen a footballer who was so good at such a young age.

A world career was programmed – but Götze mistook himself for Bayern in 2013 and was no longer able to convince after his return to BVB in 2016.

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So now from Eindhoven back to the Bundesliga in Frankfurt. I’m happy to be able to see Götze every week again. But I think the pressure is just too much for him!

Götze will always be judged by one action: his 1-0 winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final against Argentina. The former super talent can hardly live up to this claim. This is also shown by his statistics from Holland: last season he scored four goals in 29 games in a mediocre league and scored four goals.

Not bad – but not at the top level that everyone would still expect from Götze.



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