Ecuador: martial arts champion subdues subject who beat his girlfriend in the middle of the street | Gender violence | World

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A martial arts teacher reduced a man who beat his girlfriend in the middle of the street, in Ecuador. Ruth Rotello, a judo and karate champion, managed to immobilize the subject with a key until the police arrived, who immediately proceeded to arrest the alleged aggressor. “The first thing I did was get between the two of them and grab this man’s wrists, throw him to the ground and immobilize him immediately because he wanted to continue attacking her. Many people were around and did absolutely nothing, “says the also director of the Academy of Martial Arts of Guayaquil. “It is very important that girls and women learn martial arts because this is their daily bread and that is why there is violence and crime, so we cannot allow this,” she added. Video: Mayor of Guayaquil

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