Dynamo idol and panic rocker: That connects Kirsten with Lindenberg – 3rd league

Udo Lindenberg (76) gives a concert in Dresden’s Harbig Stadium on Saturday. For Ulf Kirsten (56) a dream comes true in his former “living room”…

The dynamo idol has been a big fan of the “panic rocker” for many years and even got to know him personally.


Foto: picture alliance / SvenSimon

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Udo Lindenberg is currently touring through Germany with his show “Udopium 2022”.Foto: picture alliance / SvenSimon

In August 1989 Kirsten played with Dynamo at a tournament in Hamburg. The team stayed at the Intercontinental hotel. Exactly where Lindenberg resided until the mid-1990s.

Kirsten remembers: “I got Udo’s room number and just knocked on his door. He actually opened up. We chatted briefly. I told him who I was and he told me that he really wanted to play in the GDR one day.”


Kirsten: “A little later, Udo stood in front of my room in his bathrobe and handed me a CD and a book with a dedication. I was totally flabbergasted. That was so crazy.”

And also dangerous!

Das Buch mit persönlicher Widmung bekam Ulf 1989 von Udo geschenktPhoto: Private

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The book with a personal dedication was given to Ulf by Udo in 1989Photo: Private

If the Stasi got wind of the meeting, it could have cost Kirsten her career. At the time, no one could have guessed that the Wall would fall a few weeks later.

Today Ulf can smile about the adventurous meeting with Udo. And if he had one wish, it would be: The football idol would like to meet his rock idol again 33 years later for a short chat.

Maybe it’ll work out on Saturday in Dresden of all places. The circle would somehow close…


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