Dynamo Dresden: Coach Markus Anfang officially presented – 3rd division

It’s been clear for days, now it’s official: Markus Beginning (47) is the new head coach of Dynamo Dresden! He signed a contract until 2024.

“Before this decision, we naturally gave it a lot of thought, which went beyond the purely sporting aspect,” explains sports director Ralf Becker, alluding to the vaccination pass affair last autumn.

Becker continues: “For us, it was crucial in the very good discussions with Markus Anfang that he openly and honestly admitted his misconduct from the past and sincerely regretted it. Everyone makes mistakes and Markus took responsibility for his and received the just punishment.”

The prospect of sporting success was also decisive for the club from the outset.

“We are convinced that we have found the right man in him,” Becker clarifies. “His professional expertise as head coach is beyond question and during our time together in Kiel he has successfully proven that he can lead a team to promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga and then establish it there.”

The timing of the presentation of the newcomer on the Dynamo sidelines is no coincidence: exactly from Friday, June 10th, Anfang will be able to resume his job as head coach. The one-year professional ban imposed by the DFB is suspended on probation on this day.

“I am very grateful to those responsible at Dynamo Dresden for this opportunity,” says Beginning himself about his comeback. “It is an exciting and challenging task. Above all, I’m looking forward to my new team and this great club with fantastic fans. Together with my team, I am highly motivated and full of energy to tackle the goals set by the club.”

The trainer is bringing his long-time assistant coach Florian Junge with him to Florence on the Elbe, with whom he has already worked successfully on the youth side at Bayer Leverkusen and at the professional level at 1. FC Köln, Darmstadt 98 and Werder Bremen.


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