Dumfries’ position and the Chelsea-Lukaku-Inter triangle. How the big deal can develop

Romelu Lukaku sees Milan as close as never before and from a distance a negotiation between clubs follows which has officially started. Inter e Chelsea for the first time they sat at the same table, albeit digital, to talk about Belgian. Yesterday morning the videoconference was held that began phase 2, the most important and delicate. There will be an update between the end of this week and the next, with a climate of growing confidence, which suggests a white smoke.

There is also Dumfries.
At the moment, however, in the first battle between supply and demand there is a bit of distance, but in any case it can be bridged. Also – points out The Gazzetta dello Sport – negotiations are also underway for the sale of Dumfries to the Blues. The two operations are not strictly connected but, after all, it is as if they were: the possibility of a Chelsea discount also passes through a possible external agreement.

News soon.
At the moment, however, even on this front there is no agreement because the 45 million requested by Marotta and Ausilio are considered too many by Boehly and company. In any case, the two clubs seem willing to come together: how much the difference in valuation on the loan can still be filed and how much this will depend on the success of the Dumfries deal, we will understand shortly.


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