DR wins two gold medals in judo and went on to occupy fifth place in the Bolivarian Games

YOSPER, COLOMBIA.- The Dominican Republic occupies the fifth place in the XIX Bolivarian Games of Valledupar after this Monday he won two gold medals and the same amount of bronze.

The judokas Moira Morillo and José Nova stood out in their respective categories with gold medals, while karate closed their participation with a team bronze medal, as did the selected women’s fencing saber.

The Dominican Republic figures in the medal table with 15 medals, including four gold, six silver and five bronze.

With the two gold medals won by Moira Morillo and José Nova, judo won six medals in the multi-sport event.

“We have done a consistent job to get to where we are, basically in the techniques. I have improved a lot because of the work we are carrying out with the coaches in Valencia to continue advancing”, Morillo declared at the end of the fight.

Nova was superior by winning all three of his bouts. In the final he defeated Ecuadorian Freddy Miguel Figueroa.

“Although we had some failures, in the end the work was done, which was gold, enough was done and now it remains to move forward”commented the veteran José Nova.



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