Djokovic on pre-Wimbledon ATP rankings: Not my priority

Serbian Novak Djokovic assured that the ranking is no longer a priority for himly that it will affect other tennis players more than him, despite the fact that he will lose 2,000 points due to the decision of the ATP not to award points due to the Wimbledon ban on Russians and Belarusians from competing.

“It’s going to affect other tennis players more than me,” Djokovic told a news conference. “I don’t want to say that they are not important, but for me they are not as important as before. Now I am not chasing the ranking as before, when I wanted to break Federer’s record. It is not as important in terms of priority. I haven’t been able to defend 4,000 points between Australia and here, that affects me, but my priorities are other”.

I don’t entirely agree with banning Russians and Belarusians from playing. I don’t see how they can have helped everything that has happened. I don’t see it fair. If it happened to me, without having contributed to the conflict, I would not see it as fair. I would like to remind that between 1992 and 1996 the Serbs were unable to compete at the international level. I know how you may feel,” he added.

On his preparation for Wimbledon, where he can win his fourth title in a row, Djokovic pointed out that he has not played any preparation tournament, but it is not new for him to win the title here without warm-up tournaments.

“There’s no reason to think I can’t do it again,” he added.

The Serbian, winner of six Wimbledons, could not play another Grand Slam this year, if the US government maintains the ban on people entering the country without being vaccinated against covid.

“I can’t play the US Open right now. I’m aware, of course, that’s why it’s an extra motivation to do well here. I’ll have to wait and see how it goes. I cannot do much more, it is the Government that has to decide”he nuanced

The one from Belgrade also spoke about Rafael Nadal, whom he praised for his return to the slopes this year after spending practically six months without competing.

“He had surgery, he missed half a year and after that, to come back and win a Grand Slam… It’s impressive. I take my hat off for what he has done. He is an incredible champion, with a spectacular fighting spirit. It is to admire him. He is one of my biggest rivals, but I can only have respect for him.”




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