Djokovic believes in his plan

New obstacles ahead, but a roadmap that seems clear. Next Monday, Novak Djokovic will leave the world tennis throne, to which Daniil Medvedev will rise. It will be so because it is the date on which the Roland Garros 2021 points will be subtracted. Nole, champion in that edition, fell in the quarterfinals this year, dropped by a Rafa Nadal on his way to his 14th Roland Garros. A match for history that continues to resonate. “I haven’t analyzed the match with him because I was tired and disappointed. He feels really bad and I’m sad for him because we both know he could have won. What is clear is that his backhand did not have the necessary depth, he left very short shots that allowed Rafa to attack”, the Serbian player’s coach, Goran Ivanisevic, analyzed for the Tennis Majors website shortly after the duel.

So, the Croatian coach, the person with the most weight within the team since the departure of Marian Vajda, has already explained that, possiblyDjokovic would not play any more tournaments until Wimbledon. An option that already seems safe. In the first place, because the Serbian player is in Montenegro, relaxing on the beach, disconnecting from tennis and enjoying his vacations; secondly, and more importantly, because Ivanisevic keeps the same words. “Probably none,” he recently replied to the Serbian medium Sport Klub when he was asked about the tournaments that Nole could play until the London ‘major’. “We’ll see, but now is the time to recover mentally. Like I said before, people like Novak are geniuses with a different way of thinking.: They probably need a little time to sort things out in their heads. That’s it, and he’s experienced disappointments before, I know he’ll be ready for the grass,” he added.

Ivanisevic’s words, far from being empty of arguments, are sustained both through numbers and sensations. Without going any further, Djokovic has just recovered from one of the great setbacks of his career: staying out of the Australian Open and the first part of the season due to his refusal to be vaccinated. In Madrid, Rome and Paris, after a complicated return to official competitions, he has already made it clear that his level is back to normal. And keeping it, traditionally, hasn’t been difficult for him on his normally uneventful road to Wimbledon. Last year, when he won the Grand Slam beating Matteo Berrettini in the final, he only played doubles at the Mallorca Championship. With the passing of the seasons, the Serbian has decided to include more tournaments before the London event, but the truth is that, in four of his six trophies, he did not need prior preparation. This time, he also believes in his plan.


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