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DISTRIBUTION The 2022-2023 Champions League pot drawing will be discussed in this article. The European Football Federation (UEFA) has found 26 teams that have qualified for the 2022-2023 Champions League.

This means that UEFA is still looking for six teams to fulfill the 32 clubs taking part in the 2022-2023 Champions League. A total of six teams will be found from the playoffs which will end in mid-August 2022.

(Real Madrid win the Champions League 2022-2023)

Although not even 32 teams, UEFA has been able to divide 26 teams into four pots. Later, each pot contains eight teams.

Pot 1 contains the Champions League and Europa League winners for 2021-2022, plus the domestic competition winners in the six highest European competitions. They are Real Madrid (Champions League), Eintracht Frankfurt (European League), Manchester City (English League), AC Milan (Italian League), Bayern Munich (German League), PSG (French League), FC Porto (Portugal) and Ajax. Amsterdam (Dutch League).

So, why is the Spanish League not included in the six highest European competitions? Since Real Madrid won the Spanish League and Champions League, Los Blancos – the nickname of Real Madrid – took their share of the Champions League champions.

Then, the Spanish League quota was given to the Dutch League. As a result, the 2021-2022 Dutch League champions, Ajax Amsterdam, rose to pot 1.

So, what about the inhabitants of pots 2, 3 and 4? The holders of pots 2, 3 and 4 are ranked by coefficient in European club competitions in the last five years. If you look at the existing scheme, Real Madrid and Liverpool, which are finalists of the 2021-2022 Champions League, are potentially one group.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

(Liverpool and Real Madrid could meet in the 2022-2023 Champions League group stage)

They can create a hellish group if Inter Milan, who is in pot 3, joins Real Madrid and Liverpool! Now, it will be interesting to wait for the 2022-2023 Champions League draw which will take place on 25 August 2022.

The following is the distribution of the 2022-2023 Champions League pot drawings:

Pot 1

Real Madrid CC: 124.000

Eintracht Frankfurt CC: 61,000

Manchester City CC: 134.000

AC Milan CC: 38.000

Bayern Munich CC: 138,000

Paris Saint-Germain CC: 112.000

FC Porto CC: 80.000

Ajax Amsterdam CC: 82,500

Pot 2

Liverpool CC: 134.000

Chelsea CC: 123,000

Barcelona CC: 114.000

Juventus CC: 107,000

Atletico Madrid CC: 105.000

Sevilla CC: 91.000

RB Leipzig CC: 83.000

Tottenham Hotspur CC: 83.000

Pot 3

Borussia Dortmund CC: 78,000

Red Bull Salzburg CC: 71.000

Shakhtar Donetsk CC: 71.000

Inter Milan CC: 67.000

Napoli CC: 66.000

Sporting CP CC: 55.500

Bayer Leverkusen CC: 53.000

Marseille (can go down to pot 4 or stay in pot 3)

Pot 4

Club Brugge

Glasgow Celtic

The other 6 teams are still waiting for the results of the 2022-2023 Champions League playoffs which will be held in August 2022.



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