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The inaugural day of the third seasonal stage of the 2022 Outdoor Archery World Cup, in progress in the French capital (site of the next Olympic Games) until Sunday 26 June. Today the ranking round of the compound division, while tomorrow we will start to get really serious with the first direct clashes of the team tests and with the qualifications of the recurvo.

In the men’s field, the splendid performance of the Dutch phenomenon must be recorded Mike Schloesser, who traveled for a long time at world record rhythms and then finished his 72 arrows at 717 points, thus equaling the staff and touching the world record (718) of the American Braden Gellenthien. Italians quite far from the top positions with Elia Fregnan 29th at 702 points, Marco Bruno 32nd at 701, Sergio Pagni 45th at 697 and Leonardo Costantino 48th at 696.

New European female record with 712 points by the British Ella Gibson, -1 from the best overall performance ever signed by Colombian Sara Lopez. The best of the blue at the end of the ranking round is Marcella Tonioli in 18th place with a score of 689 ahead of compatriots Elisa Roner (30ma with 682), Elisa Bazzichetto (31st with 682) ed Anastasia Anastasio (40ma with 679).

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