Disappointment prevails among AlphaTauri drivers: ‘We were just too slow’

Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda are dissatisfied with the race in Canada for various reasons. Both AlphaTauri drivers started at the back of the field and were tasked with getting to the front as quickly as possible. Gasly tried an alternative strategy, but it didn’t work out in the end. Tsunoda had found his way to the front, but the driver crashed after coming out of the pits, forcing him to stop his race.

Gasly did not get further than fourteenth position during the Canadian Grand Prix. An alternative strategy did not have the desired effect. “Since we couldn’t start the race in a good position, we decided to go for a different strategy,” Gasly said in the AlphaTauri press release. “We went in early, but it made no difference. We had so much trouble with the grip and we slipped a lot in these conditions. We just couldn’t fight for a top ten spot.’

“We have to analyze everything, but we were just slow in this race,” continues Gasly. The Frenchman was also not lucky because of the virtual safety cars in the race. This allowed the drivers to almost make a free pit stop for him. ‘That wouldn’t have changed the end result that much in the end.’ In two weeks the next race is on the program, namely the Grand Prix of Great Britain. ‘We should use this period to look at what we can do better.’

Tsunoda: ‘The ending was disappointing’

Tsunoda’s race started somewhat positively. The driver started at the very back, but had found his way up reasonably well. However, when the Japanese drove out after his pit stop, things went wrong, as he shot into the wall with his car. “I have already apologized to the team. I just pushed too hard and unfortunately I ended up in the wall. The pace was good today and we had already limited the damage somewhat. So the ending was very disappointing,” Tsunoda said.



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