Dimitrova and De la Cruz, RD flag bearers arrive in Valledupar

María Dimitrova and Alexis de la Cruz carry the Dominican national flag. Sports moment.

VALLEDUPAR, Colombia.- María Dimitrova (Karate) and Alexis de la Cruz (Boxing) flag bearers of the Dominican Republic led the bulk of athletes from that nation who arrived this Thursday in this host city of the XIX Bolivarian Sports Games.

Dimitrova and Alexis were immediately approached by the local media, as well as by the press from their country accredited here.

Several people have fun in one of the blocks of the Villa Bolivariana. Sports moment.

In addition, Karate, Gymnastics, Judo, Speed ​​Skating, Men’s Futsal and Women’s Softball teams arrived.

In total, 85 Dominican people arrived, including athletes, technicians and others.

In the foreground the Dominican flag in the Villa Bolivariana. Sports moment.

Part of the delegation will be in the Villa of this city and others continued towards Bogota, sub-headquarters of the event, among them the representations of Women’s Handball, Sailing and Badminton.

A total of 35 Dominican people anchored in Bogotá this Thursday.

Two members of the Dominican Republic cycling team warm up in front of the Villa. Sports moment.

The Games competitions began this Thursday and began awarding medals at the end of the day. The same will continue this Friday, then proceed to the opening ceremony of the event.



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