Detroit Pistons will throw the rest for DeAndre Ayton

Trading Jerami Grant to Portland for just a first-round pick in 2025 and a few future pick trades was a dead giveaway. What the Detroit Pistons really had in mind was creating the cap space necessary to make room for a star. And everything indicates that the name is DeAndre Ayton, with whom the franchise dreams of matching Cade Cunningham.

Given the continuous rumors emanating from the Phoenix environment, it seems impossible that the center will remain with the Suns next season. This opens up two scenarios for any team that wants to bring him into their ranks. Either Ayton goes on the market as a free agent and is sold to the highest bidder or the Suns agree to a sign-and-trade to get something for his departure and secure him a maximum salary that can only be offered in Arizona. The latter is the most vaunted option, although the Pistons don’t seem to have much to offer beyond picks for future drafts. For which the Suns would also receive a transfer exception with which to play in the medium term.

Upon his arrival in the NBA, Cade Cunningham said he wanted to compete for the playoffs as soon as possible. His first year makes you believe that Detroit has a generational talent on its hands, and seeing them involved in rumors like this suggests that it is just what the franchise has in mind. The Pistons want to compete now and will try everything in their power to get one of the juiciest figures on the market and an unbeatable pair on paper for Cunningham.

(Cover photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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