Despite the Vinatzer Gala: The Ladiners are out – amateur leagues

Red alert in the Ladin penalty area: the ball tumbles from the baseline along the goal past goalkeeper Lukas Demetz and the second post, and the follow-up shot is then blocked.

The Ladiners did their duty against the Danes in Germany on Tuesday and won the game. But after the evening games it is clear: For the team from South Tyrol, the Europeada is over after the group phase.

In the early afternoon, the Ladin team beat the Danes in Germany 2-1 with a brace from Jan Martin Vinatzer. In the final ranking of group C, the lads are ranked second by coach Patrick Perathoner – but with six points and a goal difference of 5:5, the Ladins are not among the top three runners-up in the group who qualify for the quarter-finals. This ends the adventure while the South Tyrolean gentlemen can still dream of winning the tournament.

It was ultimately a worthless, but nevertheless hard-fought victory for the Ladins on Tuesday evening. The Danes took the lead in the 28th minute after Jonas Walter took the first corner of the game. In the second half, the Ladins started with more pressure, but found it extremely difficult to approach the penalty area.

Vinatzer’s brace to victory

Rather out of nowhere, therefore, the equalizer in the 59th minute: The Ladiners were able to get through once with Lorenz Massino on the left wing, who placed it nicely on Vinatzer in the middle, and he didn’t give the Danish goalkeeper Jonas Carstensen a chance. Now the Ladins were at least equal, but the two sides didn’t do much together at the front. Except for the 80th minute: Mirko Demetz got through nicely on the right wing and passed from the baseline flat to the second post, where Vinatzer was spot on again and pushed in. The Danes now threw everything forward, but were no longer able to put the Ladins under pressure.

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Im Interview: Jan Martin Vinatzer




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