DeShawn Stevenson auctions his NBA championship ring

the back DeShawn Stevensonwho had played an important role in the title of the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, decided to auction his championship ring.

Bidding is conducted at SCP Auctions and ends tonight. Currently, the highest bid is $34,455.

Back then Mark Cuban paid $1.4 million for these rings. These 10 carat gold rings are made up of more than 130 diamonds for a total of 2.75 carats. Thirty-one diamonds surround the Mavericks logo on the top of the ring to commemorate 31 seasons in existence, with the words “WORLD CHAMPIONS” above and below the logo.

During the 2011 playoffs Stevenson had started 18 of 21 games for averages of 4.5 points at 34.9% including 39.7% from afar. He had made especially good finals with 7 points at 54.2% including 56.5% at 3-pts and 1.5 rebounds in 17.2 minutes.

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