Derby has only 5 contracted players left, his agent under investigation and Kompany race: Wayne Rooney’s harrowing year

In any case, his first as head coach will have been rich in experiences. After a year as a player-coach and six months as a coach, Wayne Rooney has decided to walk out of Pride Park behind him. However, even if the relegation of the club to League One (English D3) was already recorded, Rooney seemed on track to stay in Derby. But when English businessman Chris Kirchner failed to prove he had the funds to buy the club, the former Manchester United striker reconsidered his plans.

By handing in his resignation, Rooney ended a trying first chapter of his young coaching career. It must be said that he had placed his hopes in Kirchner and publicly supported the businessman’s project. Reason why starting from scratch in D3 did not bother him. At present, only five players are still in the Derby first team. Given their financial situation, the Rams are still banned from transfers by the EFL (English Football League, which manages the lower divisions).

Suspicions of secret payments

Even if the case is in no way the cause of his departure according to The Telegraph, Rooney’s agent has now been placed under investigation by the FA. The reason ? Paul Stretford reportedly secretly paid player and staff salaries in May in a bid to facilitate Kirchner’s takeover package. The FA is investigating a possible conflict of interest given his close relationship with Rooney.

At least Derby supporters now see a small glimmer of hope. David Clowes (Mike Ashley, the former owner of Newcastle was also mentioned at one point) would be on the verge of taking over the reins of the club. Liam Rosenior, Rooney’s assistant, has been (temporarily) promoted to head coach. “In my opinion, the club needs someone with fresh energy and who is unaffected because it has happened in the 18 months”said Rooney when announcing his departure. “My time at the club, my emotions took the form of a roller coaster. But I must say that I enjoyed the challenge.”

Dubbed by Lampard and Kompany

This famous challenge was like an impossible mission: to save Derby from relegation while the club was in liquidation in September and penalized 21 points in the Championship. If there was no miracle in the end, Rooney had the merit of creating a real team spirit and proving that he had the necessary tactical skills. The Rams finished second to last, seven points from first non-relegation. Without this penalty of 21 points, the former club of Branko Strupar would have finished the season in 17th place (out of 24).

His excellent work in more than difficult conditions earned him praise and, naturally, other formations came to the news. Everton, in particular. But Rooney did not give in to the advances of his heart club in January, refusing to sit down at the table with the Toffees leaders because he “still had a lot of work to do in Derby”. While Frank Lampard took his place on the Everton bench in the meantime, Burnley would also have been interested in “Wazza”, but the Clarets opted for Vincent Kompany.

Whether he has any regrets or not, Rooney will now focus on earning his pro license. But no one doubts that a club will quickly come to find out about him. “I am convinced that one day I will be a coach in the Premier Leaguehe recently said. “I’m ready, 100 percent.”



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