Departure in Midsummer, Love Continues | “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” Public Welfare Activity Entered Xiangyang Middle School on the first day of its opening

Departure in Midsummer, Love Continues | “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” Public Welfare Activity Entered Xiangyang Middle School on the first day of its opening

2022-06-02 12:02:38

Source: Heilongjiang News Network

Author: Xiaoping Tan Yingchun Li Lingxue

Dreams are expectations for a better life; love is a poetic interpretation of dedication.

On May 31, 2022, in the ice city of Harbin, the sky is extraordinarily blue and the white clouds are extraordinarily stretched. In Harbin, which has just been unblocked, the traffic on the streets also seems to have a cheerful rhythm. The teachers and students of Xiangyang Middle School in Jinjia Village, Xiangyang Town, the outer suburb of Xiangfang District, welcomed a group of “VIP guests” – Heilongjiang Charity Federation, The uncles and aunts of Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association and Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group made a special trip to bring warm and thoughtful “June 1” Children’s Day gifts to the children.

Receive a gift of love.

Xiangyang Middle School is a rural school with 6 classes and 125 students, all of whom are children of peasants. Most of the families are in difficulties. Some parents work outside the home, and their family education is relatively weak. Although the school is located in a remote location and lacks hardware construction, the teachers are simple and have a pure style of study. Over the years, a large number of outstanding graduates have been sent to key high schools in the city, ranking among the top schools in the suburbs of Harbin. For such a group of hard-working, self-love and self-improvement students, how to express love and concern?

The uncles and aunts of the Heilongjiang Charity Federation and the Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association sent out a heart-warming “questionnaire” to understand the children’s needs, and carefully helped the children buy the items on the “wish list”:

Some children have used their old schoolbags for many years, and hope to have a new schoolbag—the uncle and auntie bought a new schoolbag for each of the students in the school;

Some children say that the homework book is written on the front and the back – “stationery is just needed”. Uncles and aunts have selected boxes of homework books, soft leather books and pens for the children, which can reduce family expenses.

The children’s “wish list” came true.

Uncles and aunts also thought of the gifts that the children did not bring up. After the introduction of the “double reduction” policy, schools, society and families have paid more attention to sports. Uncles and aunts bought basketballs, footballs, badminton, ropes, etc., hoping that the children could exercise more and keep fit.

In the tidy conference room on the fourth floor, caring people from Heilongjiang Charity Federation, Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association, and Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group met the student representatives of Xiangyang Middle School face-to-face, and held a brief and surging “Love Realization Dream” “Donation Ceremony for Public Welfare Activities.

Donate on site.

Schoolbags, basketballs, footballs, notebooks, and pens were finally delivered to the children. Uncles and aunts fulfilled their wishes, and their smiles were as bright and warm as the summer outside the window;

Boiled eggs full of blessings, little hands that pat red, full of respect and gratitude… The children also responded to the caring eyes of uncles and aunts in a unique way.

Gather love and pass on warmth.

Even through the mask, I can see you smiling, and without saying much, I can also know your love. At the end of the donation ceremony, the children and their uncles and aunts opened their hearts and chatted with each other. The children with ideals and gratitude told their uncles and aunts about the present of their hard work and hoped for a bright future.

Wang Zifeng, who is in Class 1 of 6, his father works in Shanxi, and his sister is a sophomore. At home, only his mother takes care of him, his grandmother in his 70s, and his grandmother, who suffers from cerebellar atrophy. The 13-year-old Wang Zifeng is very sensible. He gets up at 5 o’clock every morning to study, and sometimes helps his mother take care of his grandmother. Zifeng is excellent in both academics and studies. The teacher said that he is the first in the math class, but he humbly said, “Study is okay.” Zifeng likes to play basketball, but unfortunately, there is only one basketball in the school, “This time, I can play basketball often. Now, holding the new basketball, Zifeng laughed very happily.

14-year-old Zhang Jiaxin lives in Changlinzi Township, Xiangfang District. Her father suffers from a serious heart disease and has lost her ability to work. The family only relies on her grandparents to grow a few acres of thin land. School bags and various books, pens and other cultural and educational supplies can’t be put down. She said that she will work hard to learn skills and will be able to repay the society in the future.

Student representatives speak.

Qi Longyue of the eighth-year class said excitedly, thank my uncles and aunts for helping us in the most difficult time of our life journey, so that we can truly feel the sunshine, rain and warmth of the big social family. We will turn these encouragement and love into practical actions, study hard in the face of adversity, aspire to become a talent, and pass on the love.

Ma Bailing, President of Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association.

Li Jinrui, Secretary General of Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association.

Ma Bailing, president of the Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association, has always been passionate about charity and public welfare undertakings, and did not hesitate to make a decision. The association should spare no effort to support the “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” activity. Visiting the juvenile and delightful corridor painting exhibition in the teaching building, and admiring the “Thanksgiving Eggs” painted with love by the children, President Ma Bailing said that although the school conditions are difficult, it is very good to see the vigorous spirit of the children. I am delighted and wish the children a successful academic and a bright future. Li Jinrui, secretary-general of the Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association, wished the children “always have a grateful heart, always keep an enterprising heart, and run towards a better future”.

Wang Yingqi, Secretary General of Heilongjiang Charity Federation.

“Without a gap, the sun will not shine in,” said Wang Yingqi, secretary-general of the Heilongjiang Charity Federation: “The party, the government, and charitable organizations have always been concerned about the growth of children. Don’t worry, we will not let any child Left behind.” He said: “Children are the future of the motherland, and teachers are creating the future. On the Children’s Day, I would like to express congratulations and respect to teachers and classmates.” Zhang Xiaolei, who has been walking on the road of charity and love, is a charity worker in Heilongjiang Province. The head of the fundraising department of the general meeting has been busy with the preparations for the event. It is her wish to see sunny smiling faces.

Wang Yingqi, Ma Bailing, Li Jinrui, Zhang Xiaolei… People walking on the road of charity use their actions and love to pry open the gaps and bring sunshine and warmth to those in need.

Say your dreams.

Jiao Jian, deputy director of the Heilongjiang News Agency Business Department of Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group, said that the provincial newspaper group has been practicing the responsibility and responsibility of the media and actively doing practical things for the masses. Sponsored by Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group, Heilongjiang Charity Federation, and co-organized by Heilongjiang Children’s Welfare Association, the “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” activity aims to gather love and convey warmth. We look forward to more caring enterprises and caring people who will work with us to gather love and help rural children realize their little dreams full of expectations.

Qi Guangtao, the principal of Harbin Xiangyang Middle School.

Over the years, we have always adhered to the fine style of hard work, and have been building a campus culture with “diligence” as the core, teaching children to be diligent, thrifty, diligent, diligent, and always diligent. There are reasons to believe that under the care of all caring people and the joint efforts of all teachers and students, the children can receive a good education and plan a new life. The trip to Xiangyang Middle School on the first day of the “Building Love and Realizing Dreams” public welfare activity ended with the reluctance of the teachers and students.

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