Denver Nuggets send JaMychal Green to the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Denver Nuggets have engineered the first trade of the offseason. MVP Nikola Jokic’s team sends JaMychal Green to the Oklahoma City Thunder in return for a draft pick.

Like Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN reportedly, the Nuggets get the 30th pick from the Thunder in the upcoming draft. Above that, OKC will broadcast two more future second-round picks for Big Man JaMychal Green. In addition to Green, the Thunder also get the first-round pick of the Nuggets in 2027, but this is protected.

This makes Denver a prime candidate for a draft day trade as they now hold the 21st and 30th picks. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City has been considered a possible trade partner for some time, as they have already allocated twelve roster spots for the coming year and are also allowed to draw on positions 2 and 12.

Additionally, OKC had over $30 million of cap space prior to the trade, allowing them to easily absorb Green. The Big Man holds a player option for 8.2 million for the coming season, according to Wojnarowski the 31-year-old is likely to pull it. Green averaged 6.4 points and 4.2 rebounds in 16 minutes for the Nuggets last year.

The deal will save the Nuggets around $20 million as they will likely have to pay the luxury tax next season. Even with the trade, they are still around 6 million above, but have now created a trade exception of 8.2 million and are a bit more flexible.

The trade at a glance

received nuggets Thunder received
30. Pick 2022 JaMychal Green
2 future second round picks First round pick 2027 (protected)


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