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Red Net Moment News June 11(Reporter Zhou Yumo) On the evening of June 10, the 2022 Changsha District (City) “Public Servant Cup” basketball game opened in the gymnasium of Yali Academy Middle School.

This “Public Servant Cup” basketball game is hosted by Changsha Municipal Sports Bureau, organized by Tianxin District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Changsha Basketball Association, and co-organized by Yali Academy Middle School and Qingyuan Zifeng Primary School. It consists of basketball elites from all districts and counties (cities) in the city. 8 representative teams and 160 athletes participated in the competition, and the winning team will be determined within 5 competition days.

“Public Servant Cup” basketball match Wangcheng VS Liuyang match scene.

With the sound of the whistle, the opening match of the game started between the Tianxin District representative team and the Kaifu District representative team. On the field, the players cooperated tacitly, moved cleverly, actively passed the ball, had the courage to make breakthroughs, and the fierce confrontation ignited the audience, winning bursts of applause from the audience off the field.

Life is youthful because of sports, and cities are wonderful because of sports. The district/county (city) “Public Servant Cup” basketball game has been successfully held for 11 sessions, and it has become an important platform for cadres and workers in all districts and counties (cities) in Changsha to exchange basketball skills, display healthy demeanor, enhance friendship, and lead the nation’s fitness.

The opening ceremony of the competition.

Wang Xinliang, Deputy Secretary General of Changsha Municipal People’s Government, Su Minfang, Director of Changsha Sports Bureau, Zhou Zhijun, Deputy Secretary of Tianxin District Committee and District Chief, Li Dean, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Changsha Sports Bureau, Wang Yuying, member of the Party Group and Deputy District Chief of Tianxin District People’s Government, Ya Leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony, including the principal of Lishuyuan Middle School, Zhu Quanmin. Wang Xinliang announced the opening of the game.

Zhou Zhijun, deputy secretary and head of Tianxin District Party Committee, said: “In recent years, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Tianxin Sports has shown a thriving and gratifying scene, and is gradually becoming a sports hot spot full of vigor and vitality. , Tianxin District will continue to exert its efforts in sports, and gather strong kinetic energy for building ‘one army and three districts’ and building a ‘smart Tianxin, the core of the city’.”

Source: Moment News

Author: Zhou Yumo

Editor: Fu Huanyu–Sports



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