“Dembélé wants to continue Barça and looks like he will succeed”

BarcelonaAll indications are that Ousmane Dembélé will continue at Barça. After almost a year of soap opera, the French winger is on the verge of convincing his top representative, Moussa Sissoko, that the best thing for his career will be to stay at the Camp Nou under the orders of Xavi Hernández, a coach who has been confident in his condition from the beginning. Sissoko, a very tough negotiator, has managed to get Mosquit to end his contract as a Barça player, but he has not been able to translate the interest of any European club into a good enough offer that includes a signing bonus beneficial to his interests. . The main problem with the conversations has been precisely this: that the agent was claiming one signing bonus of a total of 45 million for Dembélé to continue at Barça. If the Norman finally keeps his box office, he will do so in exchange for a much more modest amount, which will be prorated during the years of the new deal. “He wants to go on and it looks like he will succeed,” sources in the locker room told ARA. However, in the sports area they are still waiting for 100% conclusive news, a definitive answer that is long overdue.

When confirmed, the continuity of Dembélé will mean another internal victory for Xavi, who only landed on the Barça bench made it very clear that the Frenchman was a player with potential. “It’s a challenge for me to help him better understand the game. Well-trained, Ousmane can be the best in the world in his position,” said Egarenc in his first appearances. Meanwhile, in the offices, the football director, Mateu Alemany, was surprised by Sissoko’s lofty pretensions, to the point of breaking off negotiations with him at Christmas and looking for a satisfactory exit for all parties in the winter market. Despite attempts to place him in the Premier League or at PSG, and a brief period of ostracism as punishment for not renewing, Dembélé withstood the pressure until January 31, remaining at the club. and got Xavi to pardon him and count on him again until the end of the season. In fact, the coach has almost always preferred him to Adama Traoré, signed in the middle of the campaign to offer competition to the Norman, who has responded by becoming the best assistant in the league (13 assists).

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With this continuity virtually assured, Barça will have to stop the planned investment in Raphinha, a Leeds right-winger with which he had a verbal agreement but which involved spending more than 50 million. This does not mean, however, that the club will stop looking for a side player, as Adama will return to Wolverhampton and Trincao is likely to leave on loan again. In this sense, the door remains open to the incorporation of Ángel di María, who is a free agent after concluding a contract with PSG. The veteran Argentine striker – he will turn 35 in February – has a proposal from Juventus on the table, but he is running out of options to wait for Barça and aspire to return to the league after eight years competing in England and France. As ARA explained, Di María is not a priority, but an alternative that the coaching staff sees with good eyes. Like Adama and Trincao, he is represented by Mendes, which would help him get along with Joan Laporta and company. In exchange for accepting lower terms in relation to the emoluments he had at PSG, the Argentine asks that the contract with Barça be valid for at least two years, until 2024.

Dembélé will be another signing

Both Dembélé and Di María or any of the players that Barça want to sign or renew – like Gavi – are waiting for the sports area to make room for them. fair play financial. Despite the club closing the television lever before June 30 to end the year 21/22 with green numbers, the salary cap will continue to be exceeded until negative equity is wiped out with the sale of more assets, as either by raising the percentage of waiver of audiovisual rights or by outsourcing part of BLM’s business.

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Until this happens, and in order to be able to register any salary mass not contemplated for the 22/23 season, the entity will have to be governed by the 1/3 or 1/4 rule and release the triple or quadruple of that who wants to register. In this sense, the sale of Frenkie de Jong is seen as a necessary step backwards to be able to make two forward. German calculates to generate a good pinch with the exit of the Dutch. That’s why he is asking for 100 million between fixed and variable at Manchester United for him.



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