Defeat from the twelve steps

In a bad match for the Santa Fe team, luck was not on their side and the penalties, both before and after 90 minutes, revealed the ineffectiveness of the sabalero when it came to converting in the decisive moments.

The first of the teams that had the opportunity to open the scoring was the set of Between rivers at 19 minutes, after a corner taken by Nicholas Castro, axel rodriguez He was going to head just outside the left post guarded by the sabalero’s goalkeeper. Three minutes later, Chicco would have kept what could have been 1-0 for Patronato after intercepting a shot by García on the edge of the small area in two periods.

The first dangerous situation for the Santa Fe team would occur at 29 minutes through the maximum penalty, after the referee admonished Guasone for intercepting an Aliendro center with his hand. The person in charge of executing the shot from the twelve steps would be the Flea Rodriguez, but luck would not be on his side, since the goalkeeper of the rival team would guess the post and, on the rebound, Lértora would not be able to put the ball between the three posts either.

Without more dangerous situations, the first half of the match would be over, but bad luck would already be an important factor for the Santa Fe team since, apart from having missed the penalty, two key players would be injured for the next matches, first the left-back Teuten and, second, Schott, the former Talleres, precisely who had entered to replace the Uruguayan.

In the second half Colón would go out to look for the result and would have the clearest after 40 seconds, after an assist from Farías Wanchope Ábila, he finished off across the far post with a shot that would go just outside.

The first goal of the afternoon would be from Sabalero’s fans after 10 minutes after a high pass from Rodríguez Flea, Wanchope would dribble on goal and send the ball into the back of the net shooting Altamirano’s far post.

Five minutes later, Facundo Farias He would have the possibility of extending the advantage on the scoreboard with a high shot to the center of the goal, but that the red and black goalkeeper would send to the corner avoiding what could have been 2-0.

With a blow to the upper right corner, unattainable for Chicco, at 26 minutes Alexander Sosa would score the tie for the Paraná team. From the patronato goal, he would go in search of the goal to win the match and thus avoid the definition of penalties, first with a shot at 35 minutes by Lozano from the edge of the area that would end up in the hands of the Colón goalkeeper and then four minutes later he would lose the opportunity to score again with Acevedo’s one-on-one against Chicco.

The sabalero would have the opportunity to score with two minutes remaining with a header from Aliendro after a free kick from Bernardi from the right, but whose shot was going to be contained by Altamirano.

Already in the penalty shootout, the Paraná team would start kicking and would stay with the victory by 3 to 2. From the Rojinegro side, Sosa, Leys and Lozano converted, while García and Barrinaga missed their penalties. Bernardi and Lértora converted on behalf of Sabalero, while Goltz, Aliendo and Ábila could not score.

Match Sheet


COLÓN: Ignacio Chicco; Erik MezaFacundo GarcésPaolo Goltz y Andrew Teuten; Federico LértoraRodrigo Aliendro and Christian Bernardi; Luis Rodríguez; Facundo Farias and Ramon abila.

Technical Director: Julio César Falcioni.

Substitute bench: Burian, Schott, Acevedo, Moschion, Formica, Farioli, Novillo, Sanchez Miño, Troncoso, Alvarez, Pierotti and Deboli.

PATRONAGE: Facundo Altamirano; Raúl Lozano, Juan Cruz GuasoneFrancisco Álvarez and Facundo cones; Diego GarcíaJorge ValdezNicholas Castro and Sebastian Medina; Marcelo estigarribia y Axel Rodríguez.

Technical Director: Facundo Sava.

Substitute Bank: Geminiani, Sosa, Ojeda, Mosevich, Acevedo, Herrera, Barinaga, Caceres, Kruspzky, Laws and Mansilla.


In the first time: 14´ Schott by Teuten (Colón). In the halftime: Sosa by Rodríguez (Board of Trustees) and Sánchez Miño by Schott (Colón). In the second time: 19 ́ Herrera and Leys by Valdez and Medina (Patronship), 24 ́ Acevedo by Medina (Patronship), 23 ́ Alvarez and Pierotti by Rodriguez and Farías (Patronship), 24 ́ Barrinaga by Castro (Patronship).


In the first time: 27 ́ Rodriguez (Columbus), 29 ́ Guasone (Board), 34 ́ Rodriguez (Board). In the second time: 47´ García (Board of Trustees).


In the second time: 11´ Ábila, assistance from Rodríguez (Colón), 27´ Sosa (Board of Trustees).



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