Decisive summer for the Spanish basketball team

These commitments include four friendly matches and ten official ones, that is, a total of fourteen to play between July and September. Of these, three will be held in July and are part of the qualification process for the world Cup; August will be marked by the preparation phase and many other qualifying matches; and September focuses on the first phase of the European. Of the 14 games, only four will be played at home, for the rest it will be necessary to travel outside of Spain.

The first phase of EuroBasket it will be especially tight for all participating teams; Without going any further, Spain will play four games in one week. And despite being one of the favourites, along with France, Serbia and Greece, fatigue can take its toll on some of the athletes. It is true that continuity favors aspects such as concentration or teamwork, but injuries are a variable that must be taken into account in competitions at this level.

There are many players who arrive in great shape after signing a good season with their respective teams; a good example of this are the Valencia Basketthird this year in the League ACB and that it has received an invitation to dispute, in its next edition, the Euroleague. This is another of the star competitions in this discipline, whose importance is demonstrated by its inclusion in the forecasts available on various specialized portals that offer, among other possibilities, free sports bets, a useful method to familiarize yourself with how these websites work. In this way, an important movement is generated that already gives clues as to who are the favorites to win the different titles at stake.

Regarding the World Cup, Spain has a great responsibility as current champion, after beating Argentina four years ago, where he won his second World Cup, after the one achieved in 2006. In all that parenthesis it was the United States who took the title. On the other hand, the National Team also wants to make up for the bad taste in the mouths of the 2020 Tokyo Olympicsfrom where he left empty-handed and bidding a bitter farewell to historic players like the Gasol brothers and Sergio Rodriguez.

And while the senior men’s team faces a challenging summer, the feminine he has already reaped four victories in a short time; a few days ago in front of a leathery Sloveniain a game that was complicated in its final stages, but in which the Spanish were able to take advantage of an advantage achieved during the match to end up winning by 60 to 56. More recently, Italiawith a comfortable victory (46-54), which has allowed him to win this Amistoso tournament of Cividale del Friuli; once again, the key to victory was the advantage achieved in the first half, which they knew how to make profitable despite the host’s challenges.

The women’s team has not lost since last olympicswhere they fell in the quarterfinals against France, and now they are concentrated in his pass to the Europeanafter these friendlies that have served to show that they are in good shape and are a solid team that can aspire to anything, as they have already shown in the European of 2019. The truth is that this set he is loved wherever he goes and great achievements are expected of them. For now, they will have a well-deserved short-term break to recharge their batteries.

Returning to the senior men’s team, one of the great unknowns is whether, finally, the point guard Lorenzo Brown will be nationalized and if that will happen in time for the next challenges. For now, the procedures are complex and involve his renunciation of American nationality. While, Ibaka He has offered to return, after a period of eight years in which his strained relationship with the coach took its toll, Sergio Scariolo.



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