David Ospina calmly analyzes the renewal of Napoli | Colombians Abroad

Rumors in the future of David Ospina continue to appear more and more in Europe. Ad-portas to turn 34, the man from Antioquia is seeing how they are increasingly interested in his services, not only in Napoli, but in other Italian clubs, and in Real Madrid, a murmur that has not been spoken of since , and from a Villarreal where he would have a strategist as an old acquaintance: Unai Emery.

Without a doubt, this factor could put David Ospina in Spain with an Emery who knows him when he coincides with Arsenal. However, Napoli does not give up. Finally there was a response from Ospina about the renewal offer that the Neapolitan team sent him. The Italian media closely follow the conversations with his current team, where they confirm the details of the conditions.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the offer failed to please David Ospina. The renewal was based on, ‘the Azzurri have offered the Colombian goalkeeper a two-year extension of 2.2 million per season while he asks for three’. Thus, the factor that separates them is the economic issue, since the man from Antioquia is looking for a salary much higher than what the Neapolitan team was willing to give in the first offer.

Corriere dello Sport continued, ‘there is no rush for Ospina, who can afford to wait, despite turning 34 in August: he has talent, mastery with his feet, a market that can open at any time and in any corner of this world and That’s why you watch, you listen, you reflect… while Napoli get impatient’.

It is more than clear that in Naples they continue to wait for the future of David Ospina, since they do not plan to give up that easily in agreeing on the continuity of the Antioquian. Luciano Spaletti wants Ospina to continue, but everything depends on a possible salary increase by the club for the Colombian.



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