David Ospina brings consequences to Napoli and Alex Meret | Colombians Abroad

An uncertain future, that is the only thing that is currently known about a huge uncertainty like David Ospina. His non-renewal with Napoli, after the first offer that the man from Antioquia rejected when he did not agree with the economic aspect. Well Corriere dello Sport had maintained, ‘the Azzurri have offered the Colombian goalkeeper a two-year extension of 2.2 million per season while he asks for three’.

In addition, the newspaper maintained, ‘there is no rush for Ospina who can afford to wait, despite turning 34 in August: he has talent, mastery with his feet, a market that can open at any time and in any corner of this world and That’s why you watch, you listen, you reflect… while Napoli get impatient’. Until now there has not been a second offer that the Colombian studies, but without a doubt, this has several characters between a rock and a hard place.

The first, the same David Ospina who has offers from Italian clubs like Inter, but like the others from abroad, they have been diluted. Well, Villarreal’s interest in Unai Emery also sounded, an old acquaintance for David and Real Madrid, although in that case, he knows that he would cover Andriy Lunin’s position and not Thibaut Courtois’s. He already knows what it’s like to be a substitute like he was at Arsenal with Petr Cech and at Napoli with Alex Meret.

Second case, that of Alex Meret himself who is becoming more and more impatient because David Ospina has an outcome in his future, either by accepting the renewal of Napoli or outside the Neapolitan club. Well, he is the most affected, while the Colombian analyzes the offers, his competition, which he only stopped in 15 games, while the Antioquian in 33 does not live his vacations at all in peace. The same uncertainty in the position.

The position of the goalkeeper, the one that only one has the prize of keeping the title and in this case it was for David Ospina. Alex Meret hopes that something will be confirmed about Ospina’s future, since he has two paths. If he leaves, he could have a chance at Napoli, while if the Colombian stays, he knows he won’t have a chance at the position.

For Luciano Spaletti it is important to resolve the future of David Ospina soon. The technical director wants to have the Colombian in the next Series A, but there is nothing concrete for now. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, ‘Alex Meret’s future is yet to be decided. Napoli presses for the renewal, he is convinced that in the end he can arrive, in the meantime he prefers to wait, he wants to understand what will happen to Ospina ‘.

A wise decision by Alex Meret to wait, because if his colleague were to renew, the Italian knows that he would again be relegated by David Ospina. Finally, the other actor who will have consequences is Napoli himself. Given the uncertainty that exists with the Antioquian, they have activated other options in search of goalkeepers, because despite the fact that Meret continues, they will need another. Among the folder, Salvatore Sirigu had sounded.

However, among all, the great affected is Alex Meret who in any case would be in a position without the defined holder. If Salvatore Sirigu arrives, he is a veteran with a lot of experience, and a past in the Italian National Team. Salvatore would probably take the reins in the Neapolitan portico. At 25 years old, the best thing for Meret would be to leave the Neapolitan team to a club where he can earn the title.



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