Danish police search Bahrain Victorius team before multi-day Tour de France

As “Bahrain Victorius” announced on Thursday, the police searched the hotel rooms of the team staff and cyclists, as well as checked the vehicles of the unit.

Nothing suspicious and illegal was reportedly found in the two-hour raid.

A similar raid took place in different places in France during last year’s Tour de France. “Bahrain Victorius” won the team competition.

As you know, the first three stages of the bike ride will take place in Denmark at the end of this week. Of these, the first five will be flat stages, soon to be followed by a mountain stage (in stage seven). A series of three mountain stages from stages 10-12 will be a serious test, but the decisive battle for the overall standings is expected on stages 15, 16 and 17.

Two Latvian cyclists – Toms Skujiņš and Krist Neilands – will also start in the prestigious multi-day road cycling competition.

For Skujin, who represents the “Trek – Segafredo” team, this will be his fifth start in this competition, while Neyland will participate in this competition for the second time as part of the “Israel – Premier Tech” team.

In total, the bike ride will consist of 21 stages, and the winner will be determined on July 24. The competition will start on July 1.



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