Damiani: “Just blame Radu. And Perisic? And De Vrij? Inter would have lost the Scudetto anyway “

The words of Oscar Damiani: “Radu is respected, everyone makes mistakes. There are no problems, he will have an extraordinary career”

Oscar Damianiattorney among others of Andrei RaduInter goalkeeper, returned to the goalkeeper’s mistake against Bologna in the Sky Sport studies: “It’s too easy to always blame the goalkeeper. Today I met De Sanctis: he told me that Radu’s fault is relative Perisic made a pass to De Vrij and instead of taking it he left him saying arranged: too comfortable. Then Radu made a mistake, no one denies it: however, there are responsibilities that no journalist has ever said.

That’s not good, Radu made a mistake, but he also did very good things: you always show me this mistake. It has passed, we will see what will be next year. Radu I guarantee you that he has many important requests: it may be going to Cremonese, there is still no agreement. There will be a chat in the coming days with the manager and the club. Reims builds bridges to get it: Radu is esteemed, everyone makes mistakes. There are no problems, he will have an extraordinary career because he is a great goalkeeper. Then Inter lost the Scudetto by 2 points, with one more nothing would have changed. Radu was bad, but he reacted and will show what he knows how to do: Inzaghi’s words were important “.

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