Daejeon student sports ‘Toss League’ is the largest ever operated

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2560 participants, a record high of 100 schools

Students participating in Toss League *Resale and DB prohibited

[대전=뉴시스]Reporter Yoo Sun-sang = Daejeon student sports ‘Toss League’ is being operated on the largest scale ever.

According to the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education on the 20th, the Toss League will start in earnest this year by actively reflecting the opinions of the school field to help students who have suffered from physical decline, emotional instability, and friendships for two years due to COVID-19 for two years to live a healthy school life.

Until last year, the Toss League was held only on campus, but this year, it was newly reorganized and gradually expanded to areas outside of the school and composed of various sports to change the target and location of sports activities.

The response rate was high as a result of receiving the school for which the application was made as a result of a public offering by the Office of Education. 100 schools were selected, and 2560 students, the largest number ever, participated.

The league sports consisted of soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and dodgeball, as well as netball.

Games are held in various places considering the accessibility of students, such as schools, local universities, and living sports facilities.

In particular, in soccer, after every game, the Korea Football Association and Daejeon excellent leaders run a daily clinic to pass on soccer tactics know-how, and hold a refereeing class for students interested in soccer refereeing, and plan to use it as a league referee.

Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education Director Kim Seok-joong of Sports, Arts and Health Department said, “We will make it possible for Daejeon students to enjoy the sports they want conveniently in good facilities and environments. , we will build a systematic system by strengthening national linkages,” he said.

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