Czech Republic – Italy 4: 3 PP, Czech hockey players beat Italy at the start of the World Cup thanks to Kubík’s hat-trick

The Italians initially defended themselves against the expulsion of Massimo D’Ettore. The Czech team opened the score at 7:36, when, after a pass by Dalimil Zvonek, the lone Kubík overcame the goalkeeper Christopher Cipparrone. In 47 seconds Nicolas Langr found Petr Filip, who increased it to 2: 0. Mašík’s team then defended themselves in the exclusion of Tomáš Chyba.

At the turn of the opening and second periods, the Italians defended themselves in the punishment of Daniel Vernace, and in the 20th minute Jonathan Mandracchia started the turnaround, beating Leoš Gerlich for the first time. In the time of 27:26 Daniel Vernace equalized and in 17 seconds Michael Lastoria took the lead of Italy.

In the 35th minute, Kubík erased the loss with the exclusion of Frank Giustini. In addition, Cipparrone, who was replaced by Anthony Flores, was injured in the failed operation. The Czech team, which was fourth at the last championship in 2019 in Košice and finished without a medal for the second time out of 13 championships, eventually pulled the winners on its side thanks to Kubík, who escaped Marco Cerone and overcame Flores with a backhand bluff.

Hockey World Cup in Laval (Canada):
Elite categories:
Group A:
Czech Republic – Italy 4: 3 in overtime (2: 0, 0: 3, 1: 0 – 1: 0)
Goals: 8., 35. and 47. Kubík, 9. Filip – 20. Mandracchi, 28. D. Vernace, 28. Lastoria.
Group B:
Armenia – Finland 1:11 (0: 3, 1: 3, 0: 5).
Great Britain – Lebanon 6: 1 (1: 0, 2: 0, 3: 1).


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