Cundinamarca: sub-venue of the Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games

The Department was chosen, for the first time, to be the sub-venue for the XIX version of the Bolivarian Games, an event that will take place from June 24 to July 5, 2022, with the city of Valledupar as the main venue.

The designation was thanks to the excellent state of the sports infrastructure it has and its geographical location, as well as the adequate technical and climatic conditions.

“The Bolivarian Games will be held in Valledupar from June 24 to July 5. Cundinamarca will be the sub-venue and we will have Guatavita, Chía, Cajicá, Nilo, Facatativá and Zipaquirá receiving sailing, shooting, badminton, handball, horse riding and golf”, announced Governor Nicolás García.

The main stage for the sport of Sailing will be the Tominé Reservoir, located in the municipality of Guatavita, a place selected for meeting the specifications for the adequate development of this nautical sport. In addition, shooting sports will take place at the FedeTiro Range in the municipality of Nilo and golf will be held at the Club El Rincón in Cajicá. Handball athletes will meet in Chía, horse riding in Facatativá and badminton in Zipaquirá.

During this competition, Cundinamarca will have the participation of 19 athletes:

  • Equestrian: Juliana Gutiérrez, Raúl Corchuelo, Elissa Gallego, Rodrigo Díaz and Jorge Barrera
  • Figure skating: Sandra Liliana Diaz, Johana Apolinar and Juan Sebastian Lemus
  • Sailing: Isabella Fonseca, Juana Rojas and Tomás de la Vega
  • Sports shooting: Andrés Velazco.
  • Fencing: Edwin González and Juan Andrés Castillo.
  • Athletics: Sandra Galvis and Nicolás Herrera.
  • Cycling: Ana María Roa and María José Salamanca.
  • Squash: Juan Camilo Vargas

With the assistance of athletes from Cundinamarca in this contest, well-being goal number 31 of the Development Plan 2020-2023, “Cundinamarca Region that Progresses” is fulfilled, which seeks to increase the participation of athletes in the different scenarios of preparation, training and competition.



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