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After a great 2021-2022 season crowned by the title of champion for men and a third place in the standings for women, players and coaches of Elan Coton Basketball Club were received on Friday June 10 by president Lionel Talon and the administrators at the Eya Center in Cotonou. A simple ceremony during which the champions presented the trophy received following the coronation.

Coton Sports du Benin is not just about football. On October 12, 2021, Elan Sport Pro, a basketball team, signed a partnership contract with the Coton Sports du Benin sports company. Both parties were represented at this ceremony by François Djivoh and Lionel Talon. A few months later, the result is edifying in more ways than one. Like Loto-Popo (a sports company), the Société Sportive Coton Sports du Benin is working to move the vision of President Patrice Talon, who aims to revolutionize Beninese sport. It remains for the other structures to follow the path traced for a real take-off of sport in Benin.

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