Cori Gauff talks about COVID and praises Nadal at Wimbledon 2022

The great stories of overcoming are the best fuel for the new generations of sport and this is reaffirmed Cori Gauff when asked about Rafael Nadal. The great star of the future and reality of the present, she suffered unspeakably to carry out her first-round commitment to Wimbledon 2022 against the Romanian Ruse, but offered a great show both on and off the court. Her position as a finalist for her at Roland Garros places her with more favoritism than expected in London and there are great expectations placed on her. Coco does not evade the pressure and tackles current hot topics without any hesitation. It is worth paying attention to her reflections.

Enjoy the suffering and innate ability to come back

“I know there are a lot of people watching my progress and even though I’m playing for myself, that motivates me to show everyone that I’m a fierce fighter. I want my rivals and the fans to identify me in that way, that be aware that, whatever happens, I’m going to leave my soul on the court.In the important moments I think that my rival must be nervous, that he must be fighting against his own internal demons, and that drives me to raise my level. I think it’s something innate, I assume I can’t always play my best tennis, but I’ve learned to manage emotions and deal with pressure”, commented a player who will now face Mihaela Buzarnescu.

What do you think of the COVID protocol at Wimbledon 2022

“It seems good to me that it is the players themselves who decide to take the tests if they have symptoms. I would, of course, and I see it as appropriate not to have to be doing tests periodically, I do not want to go back to that and the tension that it generates in us. We are vaccinated and We know that the viral load that we can transmit is very low, so I encourage everyone who feels symptoms to get tested and be responsible, but the current regulation seems fine to me,” said young Coco.

Admiration by Rafael Nadal

“He is my favorite person in the world of tennis. Witnessing his training is an unforgettable experience because the intensity that he puts into all his shots is incredible. I have had the honor of seeing him very closely, of training by his side, and I took the opportunity to observe his attitude at each break. It’s funny to see how he inspires others. All the players who train with him take it very seriously and focus on practice as if it were a match. The other day Tiafoe trained with Rafa and it was funny to see him so serious and focused, when he is always making jokes,” the American said with a laugh.

“I admire his ability to raise the bar time and time again, it’s inspiring how he bounces back from every hit. When I saw what happened in Rome, I have to honestly say I couldn’t see how he could win in Paris. court was inspiring, it shows how he thinks about the fans and the love and respect he has for this sport. He is an impressive competitor, a great person and a magnificent representative of this sport”, highlighted Cori Gauff.



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