Controversy in La Plata: communication with the VAR was cut off and the referee omitted a penalty for Racing in the defeat against Gimnasia

* The most controversial move of the match in El Bosque

An extremely controversial situation occurred in the meeting that Gym defeated 3-1 to Racing by the fourth date of the Professional League. is that in the second half the VAR lost contact with the refereeing body and in that period in which Yael Falcon Perez He worked “blindly” a penalty was given that the judge judged as simulation or as a game-specific friction and the technology could not rectify the decision.

El Lobo won 2-1 and, just moments before the disputed action, the referee summoned the captains to inform them that he had lost contact with the VOR room located on the AFA site in Ezeiza and that he would continue the match in the traditional way. , without the contribution of the VAR. And at 14 minutes of the complement the controversy arose. Emiliano Vecchio extended for Enzo Copetti, who stepped into the area when Piris, in an effort to reject, touched him from behind.

For Falcón Pérez there was no foul, but the defender touched his opponent’s left foot and made him fall. The penal and yellow sanction corresponded to the offender. Without the support of human-technology, the error could not be corrected. Fernando Gago, coach of La Academia, was one of the most obfuscated when it came to protesting.

Contact with the VAR returned half an hour into the second half, just as Gimnasia scored the fourth goal, which was annulled with the assistance of the cameras: after Brahian Alemán’s cross, Eric Ramírez botched his first attempt and scored in the second . But on the missed chance the ball had hit his arm.

* The main actions in the duel for the Professional League

Already in the first half, in the penalty that resulted in 2-1, the VAR had also participated. Eric Ramírez anticipated Mura, who charged him from behind when he was outmatched. Falcón Pérez sanctioned, but from Ezeiza Ariel Penel and Salomé Di Iiorio revised. The issue was that at the beginning of the play, the victim of the infraction seemed to bite ahead. But with the drawing of lines it was elucidated that he was enabled.

If we are going to use VAR in Argentine football, we would have to guarantee that it always works. I’m not going to talk about whether it’s good or bad used. I believe that it is an important tool in football and that we have to take advantage of it. But it can’t stop working and then start working again. It’s a matter of logic because the game would also have changed because something was: I don’t know if it was a foul or a penalty, I don’t know if it was inside or outside, but something is. He touched us like this, ”Gago lamented after the match.


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